Joshua Pastore: Making the Most of Education

Joshua Pastore Making the Most of Education Joshua Pastore: Making the Most of EducationJoshua Pastore is an undergraduate student at the noted High Point University located in High Point, NC. As a Strategic Communication major, Pastore has come to advance his skill set and has realized the true benefit of his education—applying it to his own professional goals. With a minor in Entrepreneurship, Pastore has also developed a rich passion for pursuing new business goals. Through the lessons he has learned under the quality instruction of High Point University and the skills he has taught himself, Pastore has already spearheaded his own business venture before graduating.

The Value of Education

Although Pastore remains concentrated on his studies at High Point University, he notes that he is apt to take any chance to learn something new. In fact, to him, “education” is synonymous with “opportunity.” During his adolescent years, he used his high school experience to explore all different areas of interests prompting him to participate in a wide range of activities, including athletics, theatre and Key Club. By gaining firsthand experience with many different subjects, Pastore has had the great fortune to determine which path he wanted to pursue more heavily in higher education—that of communication and business.
As a student at High Point, Pastore has taken advantage of many chances to explore new areas of academic experience and has come to form strong relationships with his peers in the process. Since enrolling at the university, he has become heavily involved in several extracurricular activities that have no doubt contributed to his overall skill set. For example, Pastore has fulfilled roles as the Vice President of the High Point University Debate Team, Treasurer of the competitiveHigh Point University National Model United Nations, as well as a member of entrepreneur, golf and public relations clubs on campus.
The Value of Fitness

According to Pastore, education is not just limited to the classroom atmosphere. As an individual who enjoys sports—especially golf and snowboarding—he has found tremendous opportunities for growth through athleticism. Both as a student and a coach, Joshua Pastore has come to refine his skills and learn valuable lessons in the realm of physical fitness that were also applicable to other areas of life. Inspired by the academic potential found in these recreational activities, Pastore has served as a Junior Golf Pro at Stratton Golf School where he taught youth participants about the fundamentals of the challenging sport.

In addition to teaching golf, Pastore has successfully completed training under the Eastern Division of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, in order to become a certified snowboard instructor. For four years, he has served as a Stratton Mountain Ski School Snowboard Instructor, encouraging youth to take up the sport and realize its many physical and personal benefits.

In addition to his coaching abilities, Pastore has relied on his passion for fitness to explore professional development opportunities. He has recently served as an Intern for a nonprofit organization known as GO FAR—an organization dedicated towards fighting childhood obesity by initiating a 10-week comprehensive fitness program for youth. During this unique experience, Pastore was able to combine his love of fitness and his passion for business, as he was able to fulfill many responsibilities to advance the position of this nonprofit. For instance, during his time at GO FAR, he was responsible for creating press releases, marketing events, serving as a media escort, implementing outreach campaigns and interviewing important figures.

The Value of Charity

As an individual who is inspired by new opportunities for academic and professional growth, Joshua Pastore is also motivated by the personal growth made available through community service efforts. In addition to his efforts in coaching and interning with the GO FAR non-profit, Pastore has given a great deal in terms of volunteerism.
Pastore was able to discover many new chances to give back to those in need through the Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, a local congregation that spearheaded many disaster relief programs. Between 2008 and 2010, Pastore joined members of the church to volunteer in various areas across the United States to help protect and rebuild devastated communities. For instance, Pastore has participated in flood clean-up efforts in Cedar Valley, Iowa, has rebuilt Katrina-stricken homes in Baton Rouge, Mississippi, and has contributed to flooding-related demolition projects in Nashville, Tennessee.
Having come to appreciate all the new experiences made available through charitable efforts, Pastore has become immensely dedicated to the spirit of humanitarian relief. He has continued supporting nonprofits that share this goal and has also gone one to take advantage of new volunteer opportunities, such as by contributing at the Norwalk Soup Kitchen.

Joshua Pastore: High Point University Student

Joshua Pastore is a proud student of High Point University, and although he is set to graduate in May of 2013, he explains that his time at this recognized institution has remained memorable. As a prospective alumnus, Pastore hopes to represent the school in a positive fashion, just as all the other graduates who have come out of High Point have. As such, Pastore strongly encourages all prospective students to check out what High Point University has to offer in terms of educational opportunities.

Although Pastore has many positive things to say about this North Carolina-based university, High Point has become recognized by several awards and recognitions. Recently, High Point University was chosen as the #1 Regional College in the Southern Ranking area of the United States as observed by the 2013 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” published by U.S.News and World Report. That same ranking report has also noted this school as an up-and-coming institution.

As a Strategic Communication and Entrepreneurship student, Joshua Pastore explains that under the guidance of High Point University and its staff, he has faced enormous potential to pursue his professional goals. Although the lessons he has attained through his communication and business courses have allowed him to found his own company—Hawk Vision Applications, LLC—he also highlights the many extracurricular opportunities available at High Point University. Pastore encourages new and existing High Point students to take advantage of all of these types of programs, whether they involve charitable work, academic exploration or peer leadership. Joshua Pastore highly recommends the academic options available at High Point University in High Point, NC, as he has found many opportunities to grow as a person, student and professional.

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